XLCT™ Low Clearance Torque Machine

The Classic HYTORC Hydraulic limited clearance Torque Wrench used in all industries in confined areas!

The world's largest selling Limited Clearance Cassette Tool. 

HYTORC's patented In-Line Reactor permits the use of drive extensions, something no other hydraulic wrench is capable of.

HYTORC-XLCT provides continuous turning speed and precise power delivery to the nut in all applications.

HYTORC-XLCT is equipped with a 360x360 degree Uni-Swivel so there is literally no hose kinking and the tool can be applied even in the most confined areas.

What started with a 3-moving part tool, ended up to be the fastest, most powerful universal Torque Machine in the World! A Torque Machine that doesn't pre-stall, doesn't hang through and gets the desired torque on the nut, no matter what. Add to it the variety of job-related accessories and you have the only tool you will ever need.

Major Advantages
  • Universal fit (low height, small radii)
  • Torsion Resistant Housing
  • Quick Change Ratchet Links (screwless, Pin-Type Cassette Exchange)
  • Contour In-Line Reaction (Torsion-Free Operation)
  • Slim Link Design (High Neck area for Corner Fit)
  • Convertible (Hex, 12-point, Castle-Nut Sockets)
  • Quick-Torq Lever Design (Rapid Cycle)
XLCT Features
  • Just 3 moving parts
  • Torsion-free action
  • Anti-lock drive pawl
  • More turns per stroke
  • Industrial grade Tital steel
  • Quick connect cassettes
  • Priced below all comparable

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